Would I Lie To You
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Broadchurch role-swap, based on this adorable fan art by halorvic.

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Broadchurch role-swap: Olivia Colman as Alex Hardy and David Tennant as Elliot Miller

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 Virgin Media Shorts Awards Ceremony - 2011
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'If the script's good, everything you need is in there. I just 
try and feel it, and do it honestly. I also don't learn things
for auditions, because i feel like it's just a test of memorizing rather than being real. Maybe every other actor would think
that was terrible, i don't know. But it seems to have worked
for me, so far.'
                                                  Olivia Colman
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endless list of favourite characters: ds ellie miller

"With respect sir, move away from me now or I will piss in a cup and throw it at you."

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Olivia Colman photographed by Rebecca Reid - 2012
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Olivia Colman has some awesome facial expressions in Doctor Who.

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Broadchurch 1x04

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